On-Chain Credit -
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Line of credit and operational infrastructure for Wall Street.

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Freeze your Traditional Asset

Without changing your custodian, OpenEXA takes custody of your assets (stocks & bonds).


Get an On-Chain Line of Credit

OpenEXA issues a line of credit as a credit token (OXA) or collateral token (AUT).


Swap your Credit and Trade

You can swap or trade OXA or AUT for stablecoins, any other crypto investment or loans.


Why OpenEXA?

Collateralize your traditional assets in the crypto markets in exchange for credit tokens, enabling 24/7 trading with reduced fees and near-instant execution and settlement.


On-chain credit tokens offer efficient, low-cost transactions and enable lightning-fast trading of tokenized assets.

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New Investment Opportunities

Access to crypto markets short duration, high return, on-chain Investment opportunities.

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Only Pay for What You Use

Extremely low transaction fees and interest charges on short-time intervals (minutes, not days or weeks).

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Tax Efficiency

Our investment products are designed to be tax smart.

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Effortlessly Swap Credit and Trade Collateral like a Pro (Trader).

Seamlessly Integrate a New Asset Class

Operational Infrastructure and On-Chain Credit for NextGen Wall Street.


Crypto Onramp

  • Simplified Custody
  • Collateral Tokens (AUT)
  • Credit Tokens (OXA)
  • On-Chain Margin
  • Wallet Integration
  • OXA Liquidity Pools & Swaps
  • AUT Marketplace
Asset Class

Stocks, Bonds and Crypto

  • Compliance Reports
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Performance Report
  • Risk Metrics
  • Relative Valuation
  • Liquidity Position
  • End of day NAV
  • Tear Sheet Metrices
Asset Class

Crypto Specific Reports

  • Token or Point Positions
  • Compliance Reports
  • Balances Report
  • Margin Report
  • Relative Valuation
  • Liquidity Position
  • Intraday NAV
What is an OXA margin account with credit tokens?

OXA Margin Account extends a line of credit, increasing financial leverage by allowing investors to borrow stablecoins or cryptocurrencies using their real-world assets as collateral.

What is the Crypto World Onramp?

Onramp into the crypto world is like being Online on the internet. Believing the last thirty years were defined by the online revolution, we see the next thirty as the era of Onramp.

What is an Asset Unique Token (AUT)?

An AUT is a crypto-world representation of a traditional asset. It enables these assets to be used as collateral for crypto borrowing and traded 24/7 on Marketplace.

How Do You Make Money with Crypto World Investments?

OpenEXA acts as your advisor for maximizing returns by leveraging traditional assets and exploring crypto investments.

Increase Total Returns

On-Chain Margin Account

Leverage AUT as collateral to exchange for OXA - no need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. Liquidity Pools, Wallets and Exchanges can now take advantage of AUT and OXA availability to invest.

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"OpenEXA's crypto onramp will help us get our hands wet and the platform helps us find the needle in the haystack, providing an edge."

Monty Aw,
Head of AI Trading at G42, Ex F.I Quant Trader at JPMC & BoA.

"The margin part of OpenEXA is straightforward. It is the onramp infrastructure that I am really excited about."

Derek Chen,
FI Portfolio Manager at T.Row, Ex Goldman Sachs.

We help fund managers increase total portfolio returns by leveraging traditional assets in the crypto markets

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