OpenEXA Crypto Margin Account

How to open and use a crypto margin account.


Step 1

Assign custody of your traditional assets to OpenEXA.

  • Starting with AA/AAA Bonds and S&P 500 Stocks.

Step 2

OpenEXA issues AUT's (Asset Unique Tokens).

  • Represent your traditional assets in the crypto world.
  • Tokens will be stored in your wallet on the blockchain network.
  • Dividends and coupons will be credited into your wallet as Stablecoins (USDC).

Step 3

Borrow Stablecoins against your tokens.

  • Over collateralization of margin is determined by OpenEXA Valuation Engine.
  • If the collateral drops in value, OpenEXA will make a margin call.

Step 4

Trade on the Marketplace.

  • Buy/Sell AUT's for other digital assets on liquidity pools at exchanges and markets established by OpenEXA.


Step 5

Return the Stablecoins or the AUT's to OpenEXA in exchange for cash or the asset, respectively.

  • Repay the loan with Stablecoin or cash.
  • AUT's can be renewed.

We help fund managers increase total portfolio returns by leveraging traditional assets in the crypto world.

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