Our Values

Fairness, Transparency, and Honesty

We are on a mission to bridge Wall Street assets into the crypto world.

Our Story

After over a decade in a few of the world’s largest financial institutions such as Bank of America, American Express, and Goldman Sachs. Plus, a stint founding Bond Intelligence, a startup in blockchain, big data, and machine learning. Ajit became fascinated by the potential of blockchain in finance and how it can revolutionize the industry. He also realized the mainstream finance industry lacks knowledge about blockchain and that crypto's complexity is a deal-breaker. Ajit brainstormed with longtime friends and colleagues John, Dipit, Tim, Victor, Abhishek, Barnet, Mike, Franky, Julius and many more from finance, technology, and academia. They zeroed in on missing onramp infrastructure, policies, crypto credit, and compliance tools that prevent fund managers from participating in Crypto.

Their solution was a crypto margin account with onramp infrastructure, and compliance to fix crypto credit, the lifeline of finance Industry. These enable fund managers to enter the crypto market as soon as needed policy changes occur and clients mandate calls for crypto in their portfolios. Once the knowledge to enter crypto disappears, and fund managers are already onramp, then a crypto margin account providing crypto credit will achieve wonders. It will be the jet fuel for a rocket. The one idea that kept Ajit awake at night. Ajit couldn't rest until the startup OpenEXA was born.

After in-depth market research, consulting with industry experts and numerous fund managers interview, Ajit recognized the opportunity was more enormous than he could have imagined. As OpenEXA launched, he reached out and recruited former friends and colleagues to OpenEXA as partners in crime.

Establishing Trust

OpenEXA is now a team of experienced finance professionals, engineers, crypto developers, and data scientists. We craft our products to the highest standard. We believe code is law, and data begets trust. Trust is the currency of engagement. We also believe that exceptionally engineered smart contracts, data blocks on the blockchain, and artificial intelligence enabled algorithmic risk, and price — not marble office buildings on Wall St — are the future cornerstones of trust.


Today there is a complex system of regulation, closed financial institutions, and messy crypto infrastructure, that can seem daunting to a fund manager who is trying to venture into the crypto world. Fund managers are looking for compliant alternatives and seeking tools that will help them meet their fiduciary responsibilities and gives them the ability to create differentiated products. Making technology simple, focused, and immediately apparent while walking them through the complete onramp process and making it easy is hard work. But we believe that by sticking to this goal, we can make something extraordinary for fund managers to unlock the gains from untapped Alpha.